The Inspired
Vaggelis Adamantidis
The Soul | the man who started it all, the calm force. Moments are his precious treasure, so he collects bits and flashes in every form and instructs the team to give life into them.
Vasiliki Konstantinou
Co-Founder & CEO
The Wizard | could be with a suitcase in hand, listening to the world, becoming one with everything. She creates because she believes and wants a better, magical world.
Maria Koutsoukidou
Business Development & Project Manager
The Thinker | She thinks carefully, predicts the details and stands for the original idea. Νo crisis would blur her vision. Nothing would seem to be out of her field.
Katerina Troubouneli
General Manager
The Daydreamer | The artist of the group. Finding the missing pieces of the puzzle for each project and ensuring that the vision takes its desired shape. Her purpose is to add the term empathy to the hotel terminology.
Maria Dermitzaki
Sales Manager
The Free Spirit | Real, original και goal hunter. Dedicated to numbers, one with nature. She connects the two edges.
Georgios Gavalas & Ioannis Mourikis
The Alchemists | Two personalities that complement each other. They design and create with artistry ideas, buildings, objects, but above all emotions.
Andreas Giovanos
Architectur & Cartoonist
The Artist | In addition to being a talented architect, he is also a charismatic cartoonist. Methodical and always ready to find the right solution.
Christos Drazos
The Story Teller | capturing moments that have not yet happened, telling stories that have not yet been told.
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